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Medallion Year - Engaging My Community

The fifth C5 year is spent in community engagement. Through their Medallion Projects, students will explore their passions and create a cap stone project using all they have learned and experienced in the past four years with C5.

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C5 Medallion Experience

The fifth year signature event, the A.C.T. Now Summit, is the culminating experience for all four of the C5 curriculum areas. The acronym A.C.T. stands for “Actively Changing Tomorrow” and challenges participants to identify and explore an issue that is creating a problem in their community and then develop a plan to take leadership in solving that problem. The seven day summit is based on a college campus, providing youth an opportunity to experience college life and utilize college resources. Youth identify a social issue that has community significance. They design and conduct research on the issue, interview stakeholders, and plan, organize, and come to consensus on courses of action. After identifying the resources for the planned project, youth present their plan and their findings verbally, visually, and in writing.