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Lantern Year - Learning to Lead Others

The second C5 year is where our students are asked to take charge and work in concert with others. They are given responsibilities for decisions and group management. Their organizational skills are strengthened, their self-confidence is developed, and they lead others in supportive relationships.

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C5 Summer Signature Experience

In the second summer, participants build on the skills they acquired in their first year. Once again participants are away from home for 25 days in an outdoor learning environment. C5 participants practice providing leadership for the first-year participants and engage in a series of leadership challenges that allow them to test their ability to lead and work effectively in groups. Their skill development focuses on processes including conflict management, ethics of leadership, public speaking and group dynamics. Among these challenges is an outdoor adventure trek that engages participants in stepping out of their comfort zone and trying out their skills in a new environment.

The focus of the Lantern Leadership U is to introduce a variety of ways youth can apply leadership skills to enhance group functioning. Youth are called on to put skills together into processes. A module specific structured journal is provided as a self awareness tool for youth. Sites are required to complete 13 modules. These modules prepare youth for the planning, project management, and decision making responsibilities they will engage in over the remaining three years of the program. The Lantern Modules include:

1. Flying My Leadership Colors
2. Applying My Leadership Colors
3. On Stage With Group Development
4. Tools for Planning and Decision Making
5. From Problem Solving to Project Management
6. Building Consensus and Collaboration
7. Resolving Conflicts

8. Leading with Ethics 1
9. Learning from Experience
10. Presenting . . . ME
11. Presenting My Message
12. Revving Up for Real Life in High School
13 Leadership: The Final Exam

Pathways - Applying New Skills in the Real World

The C5 Pathways program is a year-round community based curriculum that supports and guides participants in learning new skills and integrating them with the skills they learned over the summer.   The goal is for C5 students to use these important skills in their life; at home and in their community.


Each class participates in 3-5 class specific learning events during the school year. These events are designed to help participants apply their leadership, community service and college and career skills in the context of their daily life. Events range from day long to weekend retreats.


Participants engage in group projects and planning committees throughout the school year. Examples include planning committees for the summer experiences, Newsletters/website, Leadership Summit and Community Service projects.


C5 students are responsible for maintain a B average in their classes, completing a set number of hours of community service each year, and completing and carrying out their leadership action, high school action and Community Action plans. C5 staff work as coaches with individual students on a monthly basis to help them complete these individual responsibilities.

Social Awareness Program

SAP is the signature C5 social awareness and diversity curriculum. It is a series of 90 minute sessions with an age-appropriate message that is presented 1-2 times each week during the summer experience.

  • Media and Culture: “Thin is Still In! Culture & Femininity”
  • Media and Culture: “Upping the Ante! Culture & Masculinity”
  • Fears and Pressures: “Bully, Bully
  • Relationships: “No More Drama”
  • Pressures and Fears: “Taking a Stand”
  • Diversity: “Immigration, Race and Prejudice”
  • So Much Cooler On-Line