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Hammer Year - Expanding My Horizons

The third C5 year is the bridge year.  This year will help students connect what they’ve done the past two years to what they will be doing the rest of their life. They will bridge their camp experiences and trek adventure with preparation for success in college, career, and life.


C5 Summer Signature Experience

Throughout the year participants come together to plan and prepare for a travel/adventure experience that will take them to Wyoming. Although clearly a journey into the great outdoors, participants also spend significant time exploring their personal mission and goals and identifying the steps they need to take to achieve their mission. C5 Bridges begins with helping students envision themselves on a college campus and then through exploring national landmarks, rafting rivers, and backpacking in the Big Horn Mountains, participants come face to face with their own personal challenges and discover the strength which lies within them and within the group to overcome challenges. The Bridges Leadership Challenge is designed to expose teens to new environments which require them to employ the leadership skills they have learned and to begin planning for their future.

The Hammer Leadership U focuses on the Bridges experience, using the theme of applying skills to new environments on the journey. In keeping with the nature of the trek, many of the modules are self exploration/awareness focused. The curriculum results in both a personal mission statement and daily journaling during the trip.

Since sites have a limited time frame to prepare participants for the trip, the lessons in bold are required. The remaining lessons are optional. Although most sites use the pretrip modules during a 4-6 day period of preparation at their local resident camp, some use the modules in the Lantern Pathways program to prepare youth, leading up to the Bridges program.

• The Journey is the Journey
• Thinking Backwards -- The Way to Get Where You Want to Go
• Committed to my Best Effort Always
• Taking the High Road – Principled Leadership
• Organized Equals Success
• Making the Right Call When it Counts
• The Power of Positives

On Trip
• Living Life On Purpose
• Leadership on Fire
• Undaunted Courage
• Leaving a Legacy
• Leading with Style
• Setting My Course with Confidence
• What it Takes to Achieve a Vision
• The Power of Reflection
• Bridge to the Future
• Telling My Leadership Story

Pathways - Applying New Skills in the Real World

The C5 Pathways program is a year-round community based curriculum that supports and guides participants in learning new skills and integrating them with the skills they learned over the summer.   The goal is for C5 students to use these important skills in their life; at home and in their community.


Each class participates in 3-5 class specific learning events during the school year. These events are designed to help participants apply their leadership, community service and college and career skills in the context of their daily life. Events range from day long to weekend retreats.


Participants engage in group projects and planning committees throughout the school year. Examples include planning committees for the summer experiences, Newsletters/website, Leadership Summit and Community Service projects.


C5 students are responsible for maintain a B average in their classes, completing a set number of hours of community service each year, and completing and carrying out their leadership action, high school action and Community Action plans. C5 staff work as coaches with individual students on a monthly basis to help them complete these individual responsibilities.

Social Awareness Program

SAP is the signature C5 social awareness and diversity curriculum. It is a series of 90 minute sessions with an age-appropriate message that is integrated into the third through fifth year's curriculum as part of either summer programs or pathways.

  • Action Central: “Responsibility and Power”
  • Pressures & Fears: “All We Have to Fear is Fear”
  • Relationship: “Rules of Engagement!”