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Hammer Year - Expanding My Horizons

The third C5 year is the Bridge Year.  This year will help students connect what they’ve done the past two years to what they will be doing the rest of their life. They will bridge their camp experiences and trek adventure with preparation for success in college, career, and life.


C5 Hammer Experience

Throughout the year participants come together to plan and prepare for a travel/adventure experience with our partner the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) that will take them to Washington, Wyoming or New York.  During this trek, participants also spend significant time exploring their personal mission, learn about resilience and set goals to identify the steps they need to take to achieve their mission. This experience helps students envision themselves on a college campus and then through exploring national landmarks, rafting rivers, and backpacking in the mountains.  Participants come face to face with their own personal challenges and discover the strength which lies within them and within the group to overcome challenges. The Bridges Leadership Challenge is designed to expose teens to new environments which require them to employ the leadership skills they have learned and to begin planning for their future.


Thanks to the financial support of our partner, NOLS, and our C5 National Sponsor, Ardagh Metal Packaging, more than 200 leaders and staff are able to experience this life changing adventure each year.

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