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Flint Year - Learning to Lead Myself

The first C5 year is the building block for the next five and for everything our students will do in the future. This year is filled with C5 orientation and planning activities, service projects to see what community impact looks like, and programs focused on what it means to be a leader.

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C5 Summer Signature Experience

The Flint Summer Signature Experience begins with a 25 day resident learning experience in the outdoors. Rising eighth graders learn and develop fundamental leadership skills in an environment that emphasizes positive relationships, challenging adventure experiences, community involvement and C5 culture. Through the curriculum, participants identify their leadership strengths, explore the idea of going to college, and gain a better understanding of how they are influenced by and influence others.

The following modules are designed to introduce basic concepts of leadership in the Flint year. A module specific structured journal is provided as a self awareness tool for youth. Sites are required to complete 14 modules. These 14 modules are necessary to build basic skills that participants need to complete the program requirements over the five years. The Flint Modules include:

  1. Introducing . . . Leadership U!
  2. Presenting Myself Well – How Do You Do It?
  3. Setting and Reaching Goals
  4. Looking at Myself as a Leader
  5. Developing Trust
  6. Building Trust
  7. Getting the Message Across

8. Body Talk
9. Sharing Ideas – Clear Speaking
10. Stepping Up to the Problem
11. Community, More than a Place to Be
12. Community Heroes
13. Appreciating Diversity
14. Revving Up for Real Life: C5 plan and portfolio

Pathways - Applying New Skills in the Real World

The C5 Pathways program is a year-round community based curriculum that supports and guides participants in learning new skills and integrating them with the skills they learned over the summer.   The goal is for C5 students to use these important skills in their life; at home and in their community.




Each class participates in 3-5 class specific learning events during the school year. These events are designed to help participants apply their leadership, community service and college and career skills in the context of their daily life. Events range from day long to weekend retreats.

Participants engage in group projects and planning committees throughout the school year. Examples include planning committees for the summer experiences, Newsletters/website, Leadership Summit and Community Service projects.

C5 students are responsible for maintain a B average in their classes, completing a set number of hours of community service each year, and completing and carrying out their leadership action, high school action and Community Action plans. C5 staff work as coaches with individual students on a monthly basis to help them complete these individual responsibilities.

Social Awareness Program

SAP is the signature C5 social awareness and diversity curriculum. It is a series of 90 minute sessions with an age-appropriate message that is presented 1-2 times each week during the summer experience.

  • Diversity: “Stereotyping”
  • Media and Culture: “Mean Girls in the Real World”
  • Media and Culture: “Tough Guys in the Real World”
  • Media and Culture: “The Messages on My iPod”
  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Part 1 – Respecting Myself
  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Part 2 – Respecting Others