We encourage C5 youth to be:


When creating the C5 program, we consulted extensively with thought leaders in the youth development field. Abundant research clearly indicates what youth need in order to become productive adults and C5 has incorporated these critical elements into our programming. Our youth-centered program…

  • Builds strong relationships between youth and adults — creating confidence that youth are not alone, that people care about them
  • Introduces young people to new activities, ideas, and concepts — expanding their horizons, helping to create a new vision for their future
  • Engages young people in challenging activities — building self-confidence which they carry with them into challenging real-life situations
  • Empowers young people to take leadership roles in their schools and communities
  • Engages young people in community service — building self-efficacy so they see that they can make a difference
  • Introduces the concept of college early — allowing them to see this as a realistic goal and showing them how to achieve this goal
  • Introduces young people to careers — exposing them to new opportunities through job shadowing and career exploration.
  • Encourages young people to take a rigorous high school curriculum in preparation for the college experience