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Social Awareness Program


Flint Year
1. Diversity: “Stereotyping”
2G. Media and Culture: “Mean Girls in the Real World”
2B. Media and Culture: “Tough Guys in the Real World”
3. Media and Culture: “The Messages on My iPod”
4. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Part 1 – Respecting Myself
5. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Part 2 – Respecting Others

1. Media and Culture: “Thin is Still In! Culture & Femininity”
2. Media and Culture: “Upping the Ante! Culture & Masculinity”
3. Fears and Pressures: “Bully, Bully
4. Relationships: “No More Drama”
5. Pressures and Fears: “Taking a Stand”
6. Diversity: “Immigration, Race and Prejudice”
7. So Much Cooler On-Line

1. Action Central: “Responsibility and Power”
2. Pressures & Fears: “All We Have to Fear is Fear”
3. Relationship: “Rules of Engagement!”

1. Pressures & Fears “What to Expect Next”
2. Relationships: “Healthy/Dangerous”
3. Action Central: “Expanding My Impact”
4. Relationships: Beats and Rhythms

1. Life Choices
2. Action Central: Kid Heroes
3. Stepping into the Great Unknown

Click below to access selected lesson plans from the C5 Social Awareness Curriculum: