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Pathways-Year Round Programs

“C5 Pathways” is the name we use for the portion of the C5 program that is conducted back in the youth’s home community, usually during the school year. It is designed to deliver content & experiences that lead youth to achieve outcomes. It is a series of intentional:

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Pathways Events

Youth attend a minimum of 3 curriculum-focused events each year. Each is the delivery point for specific curriculum-focused content. These events:

  • Drive outcomes
  • Build strong community identity and supportive peer networks
  • Inspire youth to accept responsibility and take action
  • Re-energize focus on C5 culture, content, & values

C5 provides modules for two events per class per year – one focused on College & Career and one focused on Community Action. In addition a Leadership & Social Awareness curriculum focused event is created by each local site.



College & Career

(Suggested Event)

Community Action

(Suggested Event)

Leadership & Social Awareness

Year 1

8th grade


Oh, The Places You Could Go!

Exploring Careers

Getting the Jump on Community Involvement

Opportunities Fair


 Determined by each local C5 Site



Year 2

9th grade


Who’s Flying This Plane?

Exploring Careers

ON Backpacking

Volunteering My Skills & Talents

Connecting service & job skills


  Determined by each local C5 Site



Year 3

10th grade


ABC’s & XYZ’s of College Applications

College Fair

How to pay the bill?

Community Treasure Hunt

Spearheading an action project


Determined by each local C5 Site



Year 4

11th grade


Are you destined to Entrepreneur?

Career Exploration


Planning to

A.C.T. Now

How local government works


   Determined by each local C5 Site


Year 5

12th grade


College & Financial Aid Application Weekend

Complete FAFSA & college application

Medallion Projects Planning & Mgmt

 Present proposals

 Report results


 Determined by each local C5 Site


Events like ball games & holiday parties are also included in the program in addition to these curriculum focused events and provide opportunities for youth to plan and lead in a variety of settings. 


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Pathways Group Planning & Committee Work

Planning for the future is a component of each C5 Pathways event. Engaging youth in program planning is an important element of effective youth development and a pillar of the C5 model. Staff members play an active coaching role, providing boundaries within which youth can make meaningful decisions and holding youth accountable for their commitments.

Effective planning involves incrementally increasing responsibility at a rate youth can absorb. Participants are more prepared to manage significant responsibilities like the A.C.T. Now Summit and their Medallion projects if they have experienced gradually increasing power and responsibility in the C5 program over the five years.


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Pathways Individual Responsibilities

Holding youth to high expectations for completing responsibilities like achieving goals on their leadership plan, completing community service hours and maintaining grades help participants develop habits and skills required for independent work in the latter years of C5 and when they move on to college and career. Independent responsibilities also increase youth’s opportunity to practice leadership in real life environments.

Required Annual Responsibilities for C5 Participants include:

  • Attend all Pathways events.
  • Completing and executing a personal Leadership plan each year
  • Maintain a portfolio of significant work, leadership plans, high school and college action plans, reflections and learning, resume, and examples of public speaking and self-expression.
  • Complete annual community service commitment.
  • Check-in with assigned C5 staff member monthly.
  • Turn all paperwork in on time as required by the individual C5 site
  • Maintain academic progress (B average or better and grade completion)
  • Engage and lead through Extracurricular activities
  • Engage in planning and leadership that supports C5 events