Our Results

Internal Assessment

Efforts to Outcomes Database

Each site maintains a data base of information that documents individual participant’s progress in the program including:

  • Grade reports and GPA at the end of each semester
  • Confirmation of Grade completion each year
  • Youth provide monthly updates on progress on their Leadership Plan and High School Action Plan through email or phone contact with a professional staff member documented in their file.
  • Staff document an outcome driven phone conversation or visit with each participant at least three times during the school year.
  • Certified community service hours and experiences reported by participant twice a year
  • Extra-curricular activities and leadership roles in school and external organizations as reported by participant
  • Participation in scheduled C5 programming, planning and learning experiences
  • Documented ACT or SAT scores
  • Documentation of scholarships and financial aid received
  • Documented receipt of a copy of diploma from high school
  • Documented college acceptance based on copy of letters of acceptance
  • Students submit an update form or participate in a phone survey during fall semester of college each year for 5 years (or until graduation) indicating status in college, status of college funding, leadership engagement, work experience and service experience  

Student Portfolios

Participants develop and maintain annual plans of action for leadership development, Leadership Journal, Documentation of leadership and Community experiences, High school action plan, College Action Plan Personal Mission Statement, College Essays, Resumes and examples of their speeches, Powerpoints, slideshows, videos and other forms of self expression describing their growth as a leader.

We have clearly defined our objectives and we hold ourselves accountable to achieve them. In addition to tracking key life indicators, including student retention and graduation rates, we currently use three tools to assess performance:

  • Youth Development Strategies, Inc., provides an annual independent assessment of the experience we afford our youth, and their progress against five specific outcomes.
  • C5 Program Practice and Safety Audit is self-administered annually by each site director and reviewed by the local board of directors. This audit ensures that each site follows programmatic, administrative and safety protocols.
  • Efforts 2 Outcomes software is utilized to track youth demographics, program participation and outcomes. This tracking provides us with valuable data on which to improve our performance and the success rate of our youth.