Our Results

External Assessment

Supports and Opportunities Assessment

Youth Development Strategies, Inc. provides an annual independent assessment of the C5 participants’ progress against the five C5 outcomes during the signature summer experience. The assessment is based on YDSI’s Community Action Framework. The annual survey measures the Supports and Opportunities youth experience during the summer program. The Supports and Opportunities are directly correlated to the following Developmental Outcomes for youth: learning to be productive (in school and in the use of free time); learning to connect (participating in groups and caring for others); and Learning to navigate (avoiding unhealthy choices, and adapting to multiple social settings). These developmental outcomes are in turn correlated with the adult outcomes: economic self sufficiency, healthy family and social relationships, and community involvement.

In 2006 YDSI compared C5 results to the national benchmark data for American Camping Association affiliated camps and found:

  • Significantly more C5 participants experience optimal levels of peer knowledge when compared to ACA camp participants
  • Significantly fewer C5 participants experience the lowest levels of decision making, leadership and overall youth involvement when compared to youth in ACA camps.
  • Significantly more C5 participants experience optimal levels of challenge in their activities.

American Camp Association Accreditation

C5’s resident camp based programs (years 1, 2 and 3) participate in the American Camping Association accreditation process. Accreditation involves an external reviewer visiting the camp program every three years and evaluating the site based on established standards for safety, administration, staffing and program. Sites are also responsible for an ongoing internal review process for those same standards between the visits by the external reviewers.