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C5 National Youth Summit in Chicago
Jul 30, 2013

NATIONAL YOUTH SUMMIT - This summer, C5 piloted it's first ever national youth program for 5th year students. The National Youth Initiative was held in Chicago and exposed youth to curriculum that will support them in advocating for an important issue in their home city. Sixteen 5th-year teens, who are rising 12th graders, were selected from our affiliate sites in Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, Dallas/Austin. Students were placed into small groups with their C5 peers from other sites to learn about engaging government officials, not-for-profit organizations and corporations in the issues that they want to impact when they returned home. We were also hosted by Rexam, a long-time C5 supporting corporation, for a tour of their plant and a discussion on why they invest in tomorrow's young leaders. Please watch the video to learn more.