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REXAM Participates in C5 Student Selection
Jan 27, 2012

From February to April of each year C5 affiliates identify the 72 students who will be part of their incoming class. This rigorous selection process is managed by professional staff but also engages volunteers.  This year we are pleased to welcome one of our major sponsors, Rexam Beverage Can, into this process.

Rexam invited Mashona Council, Director of Operations for C5 Georgia, and Fifth Year Medallion, Austen Mahaffey, to meet their employees at their corporate headquarters in Chicago, IL. Austen (shown in the photo with Mashona and Kip Nickel, Rexam Vice President Sales and Marketing) described the C5 program and the impact it has had on his life.

Our thanks to the many Rexam employees who have volunteered to play an important role in the student selection process.


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