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Become a C5 HERO

You're Already Our Hero. Be Theirs.

C5's Hero Sponsorship Program

C5 would like to invite you to help support a student during his or her journey through the five-year leadership program by donating the complete cost of ushering a teen from challenged to challenge-ready.

The greatest part? You’ll have the choice to get involved with a student’s journey—exchange correspondence, receive periodic updates, even attend student programming like camp or other, year-round activities. It’s a unique opportunity to watch a young person blossom to meet the adult world well prepared.

What's involved?

A commitment to donate $3000 per year for the next five years to support a student’s full-year, five-year involvement in the C5 program.

A rewarding opportunity to connect with a C5 student. It’s optional, but all C5 Heroes are given the chance to be part of the evolution of a student into a high-school graduate and well-rounded adult through correspondence administered through C5 affiliate of your choice.

Why get involved?

You want to truly, actively help change the odds for a promising teen. Your support offers a student assurance that he or she is, without a doubt, supported in their challenging journey through school, into college and toward leadership beyond graduation.

It’s not uncommon to hear friends say they’re concerned about the “next generation” and what our society will look like under this new generation’s rule. Becoming a C5 Hero restores one’s confidence in the next generation by working with students and getting the opportunity to see them grow into thoughtful, mindful, intentional and generous adults. —Adrienne Findley, C5 Hero

CALL 770-378-1666 to learn more about becoming a C5 Hero.

Click here to download the PDF for Become a C5 Hero.